Reveal Rejuvenation Inc.


Notice of Business Closure


It is with great sadness in my heart that I announce, effective immediately, Reveal Rejuvenation Inc. is closed for business.


The cost of trying to run a skin rejuvenation & hair removal business is quite a burden. The equipment I chose was purchased new for Reveal and is medical grade and therefore very expensive to buy and maintain. I set the service prices as they were because I averaged prices with comparable businesses within Calgary and because I am one of few who actually went to an accredited school for my certification as a Medical Laser Technician & Medical Aesthetician. I am honest when it comes to treatments, how they work and what would work for one may not work for another. I have turned people away because I knew they would not see the results they were looking for and have chosen not to take their money. Therefore, be forewarned about the “chop shops” out there, they will take your money and give you poor service and all the daily deal websites of the world have ruined the personal services industry for legitimate business owners.


I do have a list of everyone who has services remaining and will endeavor to reimburse everyone in some way and will make contact with many of you personally to work something out. This situation came on quickly over the past few weeks; little in sales, high costs, with spring/summer often slower than other months and way too many deals to compete with, I unfortunately can’t keep Reveal operating. I intend to sell my book and any remaining products online in hopes to recover enough to pay everyone back. I will not have access to do any ‘last minute’ treatments as the equipment now belongs to the bank as I make arrangements to sell it and/or the business.


The Reveal Rejuvenation Inc. website and email will only be operational for an additional month or so. Please, I ask that you do not approach the other businesses and their employees within the wellness centre, as they will not have much to tell you.


I wish to sincerely thank, from the bottom of my heart, all the loyal clients I have acquired over the past three years. You made it a wonderful journey!! I have helped so many of you, I’ve learned so much and I hope that I have enlightened your lives in some small way and I’m ecstatic that I was able to provide you a wonderful service. I will continue to write my book, because I believe that everyone deserves to know about the services out there, what to ask and what to do to keep your skin safe!


If you know of anyone who may be interested in purchasing my equipment and/or business please use Reveal’s email to contact me:


Thank you very much for the opportunity, the experience and the memories. My deepest apologies for not being able to make it work and I wish everyone health, happiness and my best regards,



Catherine CMLT, MA